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Philippines' #1 

Now in Cebu City

Thanks to your continued support, ISPS Cebu has expanded and has officially arrived in Visayas!

In response to the alarming and continued rise of COVID19 cases across the country, ISPS has opened an Antigen and Antibody testing clinic in Angeles, expanding its reach in an effort to help stop and limit the spread of coronavirus and finally flatten the curve  in the Philippines. 

International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers



We are your trusted partner for guaranteed COVID-19 sanitization, disinfection, and prevention.


  • Internationally accredited (U.S. and Australia) sanitizing solutions

  • Philippines’ only US EPA and Philippine FDA certified and approved disinfecting product in eliminating SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus)

  • We hold FDA registration as the largest importer, wholesaler, manufacturer of chlorine dioxide in the Philippines.


As the Philippines' #1 provider of premium disinfection products and services, ISPS is ready to serve the people of Pampanga and help #FlattenTheCurve!

We are the Philippines’ #1 Partner in Health and Safety

Our Offered Services

The International Sanitation and Protection Suppliers is composed of a team of professionals and industry experts who design and execute risk management strategies to eliminate environmental health hazards.




We conduct home testing services for those who don’t want to risk going outside and prefer getting tested at the comfort of their own homes.

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We provide mass COVID testing for staff and employees in small, medium-sized, and large companies to allow them to work in the new normal.




ISPS is responsible for setting up the testing area which includes the construction of swabbing booths, provision of testing kits and materials as well as extensive disinfection of the area using premium disinfectant products as the sanitizing solution.


Contact us today to book your testing!

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