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Equip. Train. Disinfect. Protect.

50 - 100 SQM

Environmental Disinfection at a fraction of the cost

We understand that to operate in the new normal, all businesses who wish to reopen and stay open must provide a safe space for staff and customers to work and transact. We recognize and advocate the need to routinely disinfect your place of business (even if it is a Naval Battleship!) and understand that the cost of implementing this type of cleaning protocol on a daily/weekly/monthly basis reduces its feasibility. Which is why we have designed the Equip Train Disinfect Protect program where by we will provide you with all the equipment, chemicals and training you and your team need so that you can disinfect as often as you need to without having to pay a contractor every time!

We can design, develop and train your team to implement disinfection protocols specific to your business and industry.

Being the trusted partner of IATF-EID to construct and build the nation's largest quarantine and testing facility at Philippine Arena and providing daily disinfection services for Philippine Arena, Palacio De Maynila, Enderun and the MOA Arena (the Philippines' largest COVID testing and quarantine sites) means we are at the forefront of not just the national COVID response but the Disinfection industry as a whole.


It is from this ongoing front line experience we have developed a range of disinfection protocols, standard operating procedures, best practices and combined them to pioneer another first in the country, offering a free training course and certification for your staff on how to properly conduct Misting and Bio Fogging specific to your place of business.


These methodologies are by no means generic as we have a list of clients that span all industries from which we draw experience;

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Hospitality                                                                          

  • Broad Casting

  • Condominiums

  • Corporate offices

  • Production and Manufacturing

Purchase the equipment and chemicals and receive the training free!

Take your business into the future of clean by implementing a disinfection schedule designed for your business at a cost you can afford! Investing in the equipment and chemicals you need will drastically reduce the cost of sanitizing as frequently as you need to ensuring your people, property and assets are kept safe and will give your customers and staff the peace of mind knowing that they are in a certified safe space!

If you are interested in just receiving the training, we offer our certified disinfection program for Php 15,000, below are some of the modules covered within the program;

  • Personal Protection Equipment

  • Donning and Doffing

  • Disinfectants

  • Disinfection Methodologies
  • Industry standards
  • In house protocols
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