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Behind the Mask: Get to Know ISPS Fleet Coordinator/Supervisor Raymond

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

From being a sales consultant in a car company to being a fleet coordinator/supervisor at the International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers (ISPS), Raymond Tabu experienced a 360-degree career change when COVID-19 hit the Philippines.

However, adjustment never became a problem because according to him, he had past jobs that are hard as well. As a fast learner, he was dedicated and hardworking to adapt to the kind of work that he has now.

Raymond’s responsibilities focus on making sure that the schedules of four company drivers are well-coordinated so he could help them adjust if ever there may be unanticipated plans. These personnel help load and deliver items to and from the office and are also capable of performing misting services which is why constant communication with his team is a must at all times.

Maintenance of company cars is another part of his duty to ensure every vehicle is functional before departure, which means those with broken parts are always sent to be repaired. Coupled with maintenance is the sanitization of these fleet cars. Since they are used everyday to bring our misting team to different places, regular disinfection is conducted to keep it clean and free from viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) that can greatly affect the health of our staff.

This prolonged pandemic continues to make unemployment a problem for many. Every job opportunity is similar to a golden ticket to make the daily challenges that come with life more bearable. One can easily equate being employed to having enough funds to provide for one’s family and get through the day. For Raymond, he took this job for his family, for the country as a frontliner, and for the company.

But every job has its own hardships that, unfortunately, increased even more at this time. Because of the pandemic, the work-from-home setup was immediately established to keep companies running and in turn resulted in a heavier workload, a disrupted work-life balance, and financial instability for employees. On the other hand, inevitable health risks are added to the aforementioned list of problems for employees who need to go out because their work requires so.

The new normal is the world’s reality now and going around places is not entirely safe with SARS-CoV-2 still lurking around and evolving into new variants. The coronavirus cases in the Philippines reached new heights as the latest numbers recorded were around 7,000-8000 a day and totaled 671,792 cases in the country as per writing.

“It's very risky, but I do the protocols to take care of myself,” Raymond said.

He handles the pressures of his job by putting extra effort in all of his work and just simply loving his job.

Kapag gusto mo [yung] work mo, magagawa mo ito ng mabuti.”

(If you love your job, you will be able to do it properly.)

Accept today but make a change for tomorrow

The current situation can be tough in a lot of ways, but in order to make it through, Raymond advises people to “pray to God, be strong, fight for our family and for the country.” He chooses to continue living everyday to maintain a positive outlook on life.

“Whatever happens, we need to face the reality of our life in this world.”

Accepting the new normal is one thing that we can do but besides that, Raymond believes this pandemic can end by putting God first, helping each other, or doing something good for the country like what frontliners do. Collaborative efforts create macro effects that can benefit everyone in the long run.

During this difficult time, acting quick is very important to make things happen. Cleaning and sanitizing is no longer an afterthought, but is now everyone’s number one priority to guarantee safety against SARS-CoV-2.

ISPS can provide you disinfection on demand. Just make an appointment and we’ll go to you! Our professional team can deliver diamond-standard environmental disinfection services that can protect both indoors and outdoor spaces of homes, offices, warehouses, or business establishments. We are your defense against COVID-19!

Contact us today or visit our Facebook for more information:

Phone: 0917 305 8961

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