Behind the Mask: Get to know ISPS Fleet Coordinator/Supervisor Raymond

Updated: Aug 24

From being a sales consultant in a car company to being a fleet coordinator/supervisor at the International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers (ISPS), Raymond Tabu experienced a 360-degree career change when COVID-19 hit the Philippines.

However, adjustment never became a problem because according to him, he had past jobs that are hard as well. As a fast learner, he was dedicated and hardworking to adapt to the kind of work that he has now.

Raymond’s responsibilities focus on making sure that the schedules of four company drivers are well-coordinated so he could help them adjust if ever there may be unanticipated plans. These personnel help load and deliver items to and from the office and are also capable of performing misting services which is why constant communication with his team is a must at all times.

Maintenance of company cars is another part of his duty to ensure every vehicle is functional before departure, which means those with broken parts are always sent to be repaired. Coupled with maintenance is the