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Combatting COVID-19: Biotab7 Industrial Applications (Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Sports & more)

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

All over the world, major adjustments are constantly being made in every sector due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. We are now entering a so-called “new normal” where disinfection efforts, previously optional, are now considered necessary for businesses to operate safely on a daily basis.

Since sanitation is quickly becoming the number one priority nowadays, ISPS has made it easier for business owners and managers to easily understand how to disinfect different kinds of workplaces for every industry.

The Ultimate COVID Killer: Biotab7

Biotab7 is a medical-grade disinfectant internationally recognized for its powerful properties. It is 2.5x stronger, safer, and more effective than similar products and is the only product in the Philippines scientifically proven to eliminate 20+ deadly pathogens including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in as fast as 60 seconds! This is the reason why this sanitizing agent is a fast solution for different fast-paced industries.

Biotab7 is certified:







How can Biotab7 be used in different industries?


Health is the number one priority in hospitals, dental clinics, and other medical facilities which is why it is important to regularly keep such environments sanitized. With zero chemicals, zero toxic ingredients, and zero residual poison, Biotab7 is non-corrosive and safe to use for sanitizing floors and disinfecting bench tops, biological hoods, incubators, and stainless steel equipment and instruments to prevent mold and mildew formations. It also has an advanced biocide formula guaranteed to destroy 99% of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms, their toxins, and transmissible agents that can stay on open surfaces and affect humans and animals.


Biotab7 is a flexible product because it can help with farming in both land and water. For the agriculture industry, its quick and effective sanitation of on-line equipment such as stainless steel transfer lines, hydrocoolers, pasteurizers, etc, can be an advantage. Plus, it can also be made as a solution for fruit and vegetable rinse. This potent biocide is also useful for mold and mildew control as well as eliminating slime-forming bacteria that causes odor in animal confinement facilities, making it beneficial for applications in aquaculture.

* Do not use directly where fish are present


Biotab7 is a certified sterilizer, disinfectant, fungicide, deodorizer, and many more. These functions can be favorable for mining operations because this industry covers water storage systems. It can easily clean tanks, transportation, and loading and hauling equipment from mold and mildew stains.


The hospitality industry was severely affected by the pandemic with people on lockdown and tourism coming to an abrupt halt. Now that lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting, the industry is also slowly, carefully reopening. By nature, hotels and resorts entertain people from all over and have a constant flux of people coming in and out. The challenge faced by hotel owners and managers is making sure that every room, piece of furniture, and surrounding spaces are not only clean but also regularly disinfected and sanitized.

Regularly used in hospitality establishments, Biotab7 is perfect for hotels and resorts because it thoroughly decontaminates areas and any exposed surface and other contaminants like mold and mildew. It can also be used as a chemical mixture for misting and bio-fogging services which help disinfect open and enclosed places including hard-to-reach areas.


Biotab7’s efficacy to sterilize is strong and quick and can also be used in multiple applications. Biotab7 has been historically used in commercial, medical, residential, and industrial purposes, but it can be applied in many others.

Preparing the solution is easy and it will be active for 10 days from mixing. This will then be ready for sanitation on flooring material, hard, non-porous and non-food surfaces as well as other spots prone to contamination to stop the growth of mold and mildew.


Since the onset of COVID-19, parents have been reluctant to let their kids reenter school premises with some considering skipping the year altogether. As a result, educational institutions have been thinking of ways to ensure their premises are COVID-free and reassure parents that they are taking the necessary steps to address these concerns. Normal cleaning procedures will simply not cut it anymore. Regular disinfection is now a must.

Biotab7 can play a major role in the disinfection process of educational institutions. Its EPA-certified formula is designed to eliminate hazardous health risks in the environment while keeping an impressive safety profile. With proper health and safety protocols in place, schools can slowly start to reopen and alleviate parents’ concerns.


In partnership with the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID), ISPS transformed the world’s largest indoor arena into a COVID-19 testing and quarantine facility, and led the disinfection and sanitization efforts in the 4 mega swabbing centers. ISPS has also done professional disinfection services at ULTRA PhilSports Complex, Rizal Memorial Stadium, and many other large-scale facilities. Due to large volumes of people coming in and out of these facilities, regular disinfection and other preventive measures should be taken and strictly observed.


Businesses that rely on the transportation of goods as well as those in the public transportation sector whether via land, sea, or air are also facing a conundrum. Finding reliable disinfection services that can cater to these various problems can be challenging. ISPS has demonstrated experience in providing full-scale disinfection in ship vessels, aircrafts (Civil Aviation Authority), and different kinds of vehicles that transport via land, air, or water. Biotab7 can decontaminate various kinds of transportation vehicles, including loading and hauling equipment.


Thanks to its impressive safety profile while maintaining efficacy, Biotab7 has also been regularly used in well water treatment, municipal water treatment, and storage tanks. Following appropriate and recommended dosages, the solution mix can completely sterilize the water in tanks and pipelines from contaminants and pollutants.


Biotab7 can serve as both disinfectant and oxidant in wastewater treatment but the required dose varies with water conditions and the degree of contamination present. This can also be utilized as a water purifier for retention basins and ponds and as a fungicide and deodorant for water storage systems.

Every business from every industry is continually trying to adapt to the new normal in order to survive. We at ISPS are proud to serve and partner with countless businesses, local government units, and industries all over the Philippines in an effort to #FlattenTheCurve!

Biotab7 is part of the line of high quality disinfectants that ISPS offers and you can read more about it here. We also have a guide that introduces you to our other home disinfectant products, which includes Biotab7, and how to use them. Feel free to check them out or send us a message.

See Biotab7’s EPA Registration here.

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