COVID-19 Testing as part of #NewNormal for companies

Updated: Aug 24

“Hampered by limited resources, the Philippine government said it will rely on the private sector to boost the country’s testing capacity as more people return to work following the easing of quarantine restrictions in a number of areas,” reports one article

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the procurement of 2.2 million rapid test kits to be used together with PCR-based tests. “Rapid tests are what private sector-led initiatives like Project ARK (antibody rapid test kit) use to test workers and residents of local government units who have joined the program,” according to the news article.

Senator Grace Poe applauded the private sector’s prompt response saying, “It was through the private sector’s efforts that we had mass testing immediately. Even the quarantine sites were set up by many private sector groups…. We really also thank the private sector for their efforts because, frankly, without your support, the government could definitely not have done or achieved what it has at this point."