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Get Your Establishment Spick and Span with ISPS’ NEW Cleaning and Disinfection Service

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it’s to stay safe and healthy by maintaining cleanliness when it comes to your surroundings and body in order to avoid getting sick and eventually affecting others.

International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers (ISPS) have been continuously thinking of other ways where we can provide necessary services to the Filipino public that can safeguard them not just from the coronavirus, but also from hazardous health threats.

Having said that, we are very happy to announce that cleaning and disinfection services will now be available at ISPS. It is suitable for private, public, commercial and residential places as well as cars or vehicles that are in need of diamond-standard disinfection.

What is the difference between Cleaning and Disinfection Services?

Although they do seem similar hence they are usually used interchangeably, there is a difference between these two. Cleaning services may refer to residential or commercial cleaning which is more complex and heavy-duty that requires specialized skills from crew members who will execute challenging duties such as furniture, upholstery, window, and carpet deep cleaning. This type of cleaning, especially when applied to business establishments, is done periodically because it involves bigger tasks for overall maintenance.

Disinfection services, on the contrary, refer to killing specific viruses and pathogens on a surface using a disinfectant. Corporate offices are recommended to conduct frequent disinfection, especially in frequently touched surfaces such as computers, keyboards, light switches, door handles, handrails, faucet handles, office equipment, and more.

Instances when you can disinfect may vary depending on your facility and the number of people present in your establishment, but the suggested moments are once a day, during cold or flu seasons, during a virus outbreak or whenever bodily fluids are on a surface.

Having briefly explained the difference between both services, what happens if we make use of these two together? We’ll be able to execute deeper cleaning on surfaces, furniture, and rooms. With this 2-in-1 method, ISPS guarantees a thorough sanitization operation in any place possible.

Why should you hire professional cleaners?

Cleaning materials or spaces, may it be big or small, sometimes take longer than expected whether at home or in the office. Hiring experts to take care of the job may save you a lot of time to do other important tasks.

There’s also a reason why they are called “professionals.” They are trained individuals who know exactly what they are doing after years of experience. This is their area of expertise so trust that they can get things properly done in a heartbeat.

Keeping places well-kept by maintaining cleanliness in a regular manner is important for employees and guests to stay motivated and interested in working and visiting on-site. With our new cleaning and disinfection service, ISPS is ready, equipped, and committed to providing the best assistance by doing the dirty work to solve your problems.

Get your space cleaned and disinfected! Fill up this form to start.

Contact us today or visit our website for more information:

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