ISPS All-New Travel Pass Package

Updated: Aug 24

Normal routines were disrupted by the global pandemic which paved the way to a new normal. Simple things such as eating, walking, and traveling suddenly became complicated because of the health threats caused by COVID-19. However, months after the corona outbreak, situations are gradually starting to ease particularly on traveling and staying in hotels and resorts.

Both the hospitality and tourism industries now have modified guidelines upon resuming operations to ensure future guests that they can relax and enjoy without constantly worrying about their safety. With the local travel ban slowly being lifted just in time for the holidays, everyone sure is rushing to book last-minute vacation trips.

Acquiring medical-related documents, following confusing government proclamations and sequencing that doesn’t make sense especially on your own, can be time-consuming, not to mention it can leave you in a state of panic wondering if you have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the holiday you booked won’t have to be rebooked!

At ISPS, we understand what it can be like to sift through government edicts, piece together confusing instructions, communicate with offices that seem to be on a permanent lunch break (even though they are not supposed to exist anymore), and ensure all the requirements have been met. This is why we are proud to offer a short hassle-free, and easy process to get you flying from Manila to Boracay or Siargao to celebrate the Christmas season and new year through our Travel Pass Package!

What are the inclusions?

  1. Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction or RT-PCR Test