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ISPS Makes Custom Modular Tents Happen!

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

The International and Sanitization Protection Suppliers (ISPS) pioneered custom-built solutions for COVID-19 which consists of a multitude of tents designed for medical or health purposes, including decontamination tents, testing booths, and isolation facilities, just to mention a few. These specialized medical structures can be conveniently erected on any location and are customizable to almost any size and client-requested add-ons.

We are the official partner of DOH, IATF-EID, the Office of Civil Defense, and the BCDA Group for the construction of the tent and test booths for the quarantine and testing facilities at the four Bayanihan Mega Testing Centers. ISPS is also responsible for a major project with one of the Philippines largest Casinos that involved the construction of a 1000 sqm fully customized and semi-permanent structure that was used as a quarantine facility.

Our tent-making capabilities led us to administer more custom-built-solution projects for well-known clients like Meralco and the Philippine National Police (PNP). The ISPS team already started the installation of a 20m x 30m x 3m with a 4.85 center height quarantine tent for the former while an isolation tent measuring 20m x 40m for the latter is also underway.

ISPS is in charge of setting up custom-built solutions (tents, testing area, disinfection setup) depending on the client’s requests. We will deploy field experts who design and execute customized options to address each project's specific needs and supply them with top-grade equipment and ensure that the materials used for each setup is of high quality.

Tent Options

As the market leader for COVID-19 sanitization and decontamination, we have multiple variations of tents that can be used for various purposes such as pop-up field hospitals, isolation or quarantine testing facilities, drive-thru coronavirus testing, and more. These tents are flexible and customizable. Installations can be designed per client’s request on preferred size and function.

Medical tents:

  • Medipod (testing booth/swab station) - a safety cell designed for frontliners who conduct COVID-19 tests on person/s under investigation (PUIs), person/s under monitoring (PUMs), asymptomatic or positive individuals, and other patients without fear of contracting SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) or dangerous pathogens that may cause diseases. These are equipped with an advanced coronavirus filtration system that ensures medical personnel are safe from contamination despite constant exposure to a person being tested.

  • Quarantine and isolation tents - these can be considered as safety measures to protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease. Our team can also install screening stations inside the tent to distance sick people from one another as well as to safeguard our frontliners from contracting illnesses.

Triage tents:

ISPS triage tents, which come in a variety of sizes depending on a client’s request, are made for containing and processing COVID-19 patients. They are mostly used as, but not limited to, alternative testing centers or quarantine sites that can house up large numbers of people with sizes ranging from 12x18m to 24x10m and even up to 50x30m!. We were also able to handle multiple projects that involve building this type of tent into makeshift cafeterias or mess halls and security tents or barracks.

Retractable and collapsible tents:

These types of tents are versatile and can be constructed for different applications. Each order can be designed and manufactured according to our client’s needs. One example is our Sanitization Unit CB-19.

  • Sanitization Unit CB-19 - a mobile tent usually set up in front of entrances and exits to provide disinfection to people passing through. The internal infrastructure features a hydro-pneumatic sprinkler system which allows rapid disinfection for an average of three to four people per minute. The sprayers emit a thin mist of water containing chlorine dioxide with biocidal properties verified and certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) as well as 20+ pathogens including Influenza A H1N1, E. Coli, Norovirus, MRSA Methicillin RSA, Salmonella Enterica, and Salmonella Typhi, which causes typhoid fever.

We can also make customizable decontamination units that can include shower units with water distribution and basins built-in already. Water distribution in the shower consists of two independent circuits, one with a decontamination agent and the other one for rinsing clean with water.

The tent can be divided by means of partition curtains into several zones designated for doffing, taking showers, and donning.

Screening station tents:

Screening tents is beneficial especially for company facilities as it allows the management to set and enforce the criteria required before entering the office. Many employers are having employees and visitors answer screening questions along with passing a temperature check before gaining access inside the building. This definitely helps in contact tracing for COVID-19 since you get to thoroughly check those reporting on-site.

Drive-thru testing tents:

ISPS is also capable of constructing drive-thru testing centers that help keep a safe distance between you and the health care provider conducting the COVID-19 test. The tents are made to provide maximum protection for swabbers against harmful microbial elements; it is big enough to accommodate vehicles and it is not enclosed so much that vehicle emissions become trapped inside. Testing-on-the-go is convenient for those who are in a hurry and is absolutely efficient because it has a faster process.

Customizable Features

Sample ISPS Custom Tent used as a quarantine facility

Size - 24m L x 10m W x 3m H with a Center Height of 4.85m

Some of the features that we can include in your personalized tent are the following:

✔️ Air conditioning units

  • Window type

  • Floor mounted

  • Split type

✔️ Flooring

  • Compacted earth - low cost; ensures flat space for shorter term projects

  • Elevated flooring - medium cost solution for mid-term projects where equipment and people need to keep safe from water and insects especially during monsoon seasons

  • Poured concrete slabs - higher cost for semi-permanent structures where reinforced framework is required for the largest projects

  • Wooden/Plywood - type of flooring is installed if the unit is elevated at least 60cm off the floor for outdoor units

  • Steel - best for outdoor units for durability purposes

✔️ Doors - lockable glass doors that can be placed on entrances, exits, or rooms; the tents itself come with standard roll-up PVC doors

  • Swing

  • Wooden

✔️ Windows and bed - highly recommended for temporary quarantine or testing centers

Windows are either:

  • Plastic

  • Netted

The size varies depending on the size of the unit and the client’s preference.

✔️ Electricity (gensets), running water - a breaker box is mounted on the tent frame before installing the outlets in predetermined locations as well as the lights.

✔️ Restrooms - these can be installed inside the tent or we can provide any number of portlets to be set up externally

✔️ Motion sensors for misting activation - required especially for decontamination tents

✔️ CCTV surveillance cameras

✔️ Ground clearance

✔️ Lighting (ceiling, flood, floor, etc.)

  • LED

  • Flood lights

✔️ Stairs and railings - can be added to support entrances and exits; design is usually from the client

  • Steel

  • Concrete

✔️ Isolation rooms - can be built inside quarantine tents to isolate positive COVID-19 patients complete with basic amenities like lighting, beds, toilets and showers

✔️ Height, width, center height

✔️ Skins (canvas) - any color is available as well as custom designs; thickness is 4mm

Our work has been commendable because it features industrial-grade design, superior engineering, and top-to-bottom construction by highly-trained professionals. Here is our list of clientele who availed our custom-built services. If you wish to partner with us, you can request for a quotation at the bottom of this page.

Contact us today or visit our Facebook for more information:

Phone: 0917 305 8961


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