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ISPS Now Offering On-Site Testing at No Extra Cost!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The business sector was one of the most affected areas in the Philippines—even until now—when the pandemic took the country by surprise. The seemingly endless shifting of quarantine statuses in different regions are making it equally difficult for all businesses to resume operations, which eventually led to some halting their services temporarily or closing down for good.

With the national government’s aim to slowly open up the economy while ensuring that everyone’s health is still a top priority, adjustments have been made to hit two birds with one stone. In order for businesses to survive in a post-pandemic world, regular testing schedules and disinfection sessions must be maintained to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further.

International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers (ISPS) is the Philippines’ leading authority when it comes to health and safety. We have administered more than 40,000 tests on-site and off-site for private companies, businesses, organizations, local government units, high-profile clients, and private individuals.

ISPS has also been the COVID-19 testing provider for multiple government agencies like the Department of Education, Department of Budget and Management, Department of Science and Technology and more, even forming partnerships with the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority for the country’s testing and quarantine facilities.

As part of the immediate government response to control the pandemic, COVID-19 testing is continuously being used as a preventive measure because of its effectiveness in tracing the virus. This is highly beneficial for companies, especially those that require their employees to work on-site.

Test and Protect your Health

Corporate testing is ISPS’ recommended solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. This is an open call to HR Directors, CEOs, and all business owners out there to arrange a bi-weekly or monthly testing schedule for employees and staff to keep their health statuses in check.

We encourage periodical group testing because it is better to know your status so you can take immediate action if ever you are positive. COVID-19 is still a viral disease and anyone can be infected, even those who got vaccinated. But what’s dangerous is when the person is asymptomatic and risks affecting others in the office. This is why it is important to be updated with your employees’ health statuses in order to promote a safe workplace. If employees remain healthy, it equates to a smooth running business.

All test results will be provided within the day. During testing operations, a discreet protocol is initiated if anyone tests positive. The positive patient will be transferred to an isolated area and a thorough sanitization session for all areas (approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour) will commence to ensure the integrity of the testing area.

If a positive result is returned by the kits, a secondary test is conducted. If the returned value is still positive, a referral for swab testing is provided.

For our corporate testing services, the client is free to choose their preferred location and there will be no additional cost for manpower. We will be the one responsible for the medical nurses and sanitization officers. Payment terms are extended up to 30 days for businesses that avail a Corporate Bundle of 20 pax and above for any of our available COVID-19 testing methods. Large volumes for testing schedules are eligible for a bulk discount however, the discount will be based per individual.

Clients can also request for customized solutions like testing booths, covered tents, decontamination units, alcohol dispensers and more.


Unilever availed a Test and Disinfect Corporate Package from us which included Rapid Antigen testing for 1,754 employees and a complementary disinfection service.

Another advantage in booking testing appointments with ISPS is the flexibility in time scheduling. At any hour of the day, may it be before or after office hours, the client has the power to choose when he/she will be tested.


ISPS conducted Rapid Antigen testing for the government department’s 110 guests at Dusit Thani. Our disinfection team also made sure that the establishment was thoroughly cleaned by sanitizing the whole testing area. With a complete testing setup, the operation was a success.


Our medical team was also able to administer Rapid Antigen tests to 50 staff of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in an off-site setup.

We are the country’s go-to COVID-19 testing provider that employs advanced techniques and industry-leading equipment to complement the different COVID-19 tests that we offer. Our testing services are available via in-clinic or mobile services.

ISPS is the frontline solution for corporate businesses operating in the New Normal. Book a testing schedule with us!

Contact us today or visit our Facebook for more information:

Phone: 0917 305 8961 (Manila) / 0917 861 3850 (Pampanga)


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