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ISPS Promo Packages

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers’ (ISPS) duty to fulfill the national COVID response is anchored on our mission to #CleanandProtect communities, properties, and individuals for a healthier and safer world free from health hazards and contagious viral diseases.

To further support the Philippine government’s strict enforcement of health and safety protocols, we want to help amplify YOUR prevention efforts for COVID-19 through the following safety-first promos:


As more companies gradually reopen and resume business operations to revive the massive economic drop in the country, it is indeed practical to keep utilizing disinfection and COVID-19 testing services to ensure a successful and safe resumption of activities.

ISPS’ Test and Disinfect Promo is perfect for those working from home or for families living in residential areas. Just simply book an appointment for either a mobile Antigen Swab Test or a mobile Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test and with an additional ₱1000, you get a free home disinfection session that can cover up to 250sqm.

What makes this disinfection service effective is our misting solution called Biotab7. It is the ONLY product in the Philippines certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the ability to kill a wide range of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms including SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) in just 60 seconds!


ISPS now offers in-clinic and mobile services for COVID-19 testing on both of our Manila and Pampanga sites. For this promo package, a schedule for any test type (PCR, Antigen Swab, or Rapid Antibody) of your choice guarantees a 25% discount on a Biotab7 20g pack, making it 200 per liter. It’s the best deal if you want to double your protection against the global pandemic!


Retain a huge amount of your company budget with our environmental disinfection service promo. Receiving two FREE Misting and Bio-fogging Services after only two paid disinfection schedules are beneficial especially for establishments and organizations that require frequent on-site work.

We are the diamond standard for providing sanitization and protection solutions that secure people and properties from dangerous health threats lurking in our surroundings.

Our full cleaning treatment using Biotab7 can be applied indoors or outdoors and can reach high, low, wide, and narrow areas in large or small spaces that conventional sterilization methods cannot usually reach.


Biotab7 boasts a great safety profile as an 18-in-1 antimicrobial solution that can eliminate 20+ EPA-registered pathogens. It is your ultimate defense tool to beat COVID-19!

This promo is definitely a good catch because you can purchase a 20g pack of Biotab7 for only half its original price. Other than the cost, the results that this potent biocide can give are also worth the switch from your regular cleaning product because its advanced formula is effective for 132 applications and is also FDA-approved, NSF D2 or food contact safe, and verified USDA organic.

Biotab7 is part of the line of powerful disinfectants available at ISPS. You can learn more about the others here.

We provide multiple promos to give you the maximum protection that you need while spending less. These services are executed by a professional team using the best materials and equipment to show the quality of our trusted services. Don’t miss out on these chances. Avail now!

Contact us today or visit our Facebook for more information:

Phone: 0917 305 8961

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