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Let ISPS Do the Dirty Work with our Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

At a time like this, with COVID-19 still very much real and present all around us, conventional cleaning is not enough anymore to keep us safe. We need to retrace our steps and rethink our ways and established systems when cleaning our surroundings.

Creating a clean and germ-free environment for Filipinos is our main priority. That's why we target high-traffic spaces like homes and offices as well as vehicles to administer deep or basic cleaning treatments.

Home and Office General Cleaning:

The accustomed cleaning routine that you need in small, medium, or big spaces like your home or office.


Wiping, Sweeping, and Garbage Collection

Home and Office General Cleaning + Disinfection:

For an overall ISPS cleaning treatment, we also offer a package that achieves deeper disinfection for households or workplaces.


General Cleaning Services + Stain Removal, Vacuuming, Bleaching (CR - White Surfaces), Deodorizing, and Freshening

***Custom Packages are available depending on your needs

Inclusions Per Area:


​Sweeping Floors, Vacuuming Carpets, Dry Dusting of Furniture and Electronics, Wipe Down of Light Switches and Door Knobs, Window Cleaning, Mopping, Disinfection of the Area, and Air Purification


​Sweeping Floors, Mopping, Cleaning of Toilet Bowl, Cleaning of Sink, Cleaning of Bathroom Mirror, Wipe Down of All Surfaces, Wipe Down of Door Knob and Light Switch, Window Cleaning, Disinfection of the Area, and Air Purification

Living Room

​Vacuuming of Furniture, Dry Dusting of Furniture and Electronics, Sweeping and Vacuuming Floors, Dry Dusting of Lighting Fixtures and Aircons, Window Cleaning, Mopping Floors, Disinfection of the Area, and Air Purification

Dining Area

​Sweeping and Vacuuming of Floors, Dry Dusting of Furniture, Vacuuming of Furniture, Mopping Floors, Window Cleaning, Dry Dusting of Fixtures and Aircons, Disinfection of the Area, and Air Purification

​Kitchen Area

​Sweeping Floors, Washing Dirty Dishes, Wiping Down Table Tops, External Wiping of Kitchen Equipment, Window Cleaning, Mopping Floors, Disinfection of the Area, and Air Purification

Balcony Area

Sweeping Floors, Organizing Area, Vacuuming of Furniture, Wipe Down of Fixtures, and Disinfection of the Area

Add-On Services Available:

  • Grease Trap

  • Aircon Cleaning

  • Carpet Stain Removal

  • Sofa Stain Removal

  • Hood Range Removal

  • Mattress Stain Removal

  • Kitchen Descaling

  • Bed Sheet Changing

  • Refrigerator Deodorizing/Cleaning

  • Mold Build-Up Removal

Through our cleaning and disinfection services, ISPS aims to inform and remind people of the importance and advantages of eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses in the environment, which produce disease-causing microorganisms when left untreated.

General cleaning starts at ₱790 while deep cleaning starts at ₱2150. Book ISPS’ cleaning and disinfection services today. Click this link to request a callback.

Contact us today or visit our Facebook for more information:

Phone: 0917 305 8961


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