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Protecting the City of Marikina!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers has been extremely busy this week in support of Marikina setting up a number of our Sanitization Unit CB-19 in key areas to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Marikina Wet Market

Our first point of call was the Marikina Wet market on Thursday the 26th of March where we setup a free Sanitization unit at the behest of City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro. Locals visiting the market were very grateful that the the unit was in place to ensure that everyone who entered the market had been sanitized to ensure no one brought in bacteria or viruses that may have been lurking on the surfaces of their clothing. We were very fortunate to also have been featured by GMA news network for our work in helping the Filipino people fight COVID.

Clean and protect!

Seeing the success of the operation and getting to know more about ISPS patented solution CD1G and how it can contribute to flattening the COVID curve in conjunction with other proven measures such as social distancing and wearing Personal Protection Equipment. It was decided that in order to ensure the Cities key personnel who need to remain at work during this time of crisis that another CB-19 unit be setup outside the Marikina City Hall.

Marikina City Hall

The team at International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers has been working around the clock to ensure that we meet the rising demand for Sanitization Units during this unprecedented times of global uncertainty. We completed another install today on Sunday the 29th of March marking another milestone in the Filipino peoples fight against Corona Virus.

We offer more than just the Sanitization units and recommend a total solution package that incorporates our Misting and Bio Fogging services that will thoroughly sanitize any open or closed area with current promotional rates of Php50 per square meter. If you are interested to find out about how the team at ISPS can custom fit a solution for your place of business, Hospital, School, LGU or anything else, contact us today.

See below for a walk through of the unit up and running.

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Thank you to COVID BUSTERS protecting our great city of Marikina!

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