The New Normal for Businesses: Preventive Measures for Offices

Updated: Aug 24

Around the world, companies both big and small have had to adjust and adapt to the threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As economies strive to move forward despite the challenges, many businesses are still left wondering what the new normal will look like for them.  

True to the adage, “necessity is the mother of invention,” many businesses have resorted, or better yet adapted, to innovative forms of operation, namely, remote work and “work from home” (WFH).  While these strategies have been steadily rising for years already, the pandemic has made virtual communication the only option for many businesses. Thanks to a rapid progress in technology, seamless communication online is not only possible but is also redefining how we measure efficacy at work. Still, there are those industries that require employees on  location, which may prove challenging to business owners, especially for those in the MSME (micro, small, medium enterprises) sector.

Now that government-mandated community restrictions are slowly lifting, many are still struggling to find a cost-efficient and effective way to equip their businesses for the ‘new normal.’ With the health and safety of every person determining the health and safety of the rest of the public, an airtight #NewNormal protocol for businesses must be adopted. As the country’s leading authority in environmental disinfection, ISPS is here to offer just that.

New Normal, New Rules

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) made a point to differentiate “cl