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What Makes Modular Tents So Useful? ISPS Gives You 5 Reasons

By this time, average efforts are not enough to combat COVID-19 and other emerging viruses. We need advanced, industry-leading solutions that will go beyond conventional methods to prevent diseases from spreading further and causing more transmissions.

Aside from the usual usage of these apparatuses, International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers (ISPS) lists down 5 roles that custom tents can serve.

1. Medical Tent

Mobile tents that are easy to construct in any location are convenient enough to allow a team of medical professionals to provide treatment for sickness and injuries in events taking place indoors or outdoors.

2. Testing Center

Because of the increased occupancy rate in hospitals due to COVID-19 cases and patients with other illnesses, modular tents can serve as pop-up testing centers in front of healthcare centers, private clinics or even as a drive-through.

3. Isolation Area

A tent serving as an isolation area can be beneficial to quarantine positive patients and protect other people from catching sickness through direct contact.

4. Temporary Shelter

Retractable and collapsible tents are very useful in evacuation sites as makeshift homes for people who have lost their houses due to natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes.

5. Events Place

Triage tents, which can come in various sizes depending on the request, are perfect as covered areas for outdoor gatherings. It’s also customizable meaning installing additional features such as air conditioning units, windows, lighting, etc. is possible.

ISPS has administered tent setups for various clients that include government agencies such as the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Office of Civil Defense, Senate of the Philippines, Bureau of Customs, and more. Even celebrities like Angel Locsin and Manny Pacquiao have availed of our custom-built solutions!

If you’re interested, you may request a quotation here.

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