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Collapsible decontamination tents that are made to be transportable. It is made of galvanized steel and is designed to be assembled easily by two or more people. This is a semi-permanent structure that can be used for seasonal applications. It has strengthened joints made of interlocking tubes with fastening bolts. The height is also adjustable because of the tube-in-tube design that can be easily pulled up to the desired height.


The material used for the cover is heavy duty PVC. It is made of high strength nylon mesh sandwiched in between two layers of low density PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Our material is waterproof and a good fire retardant, making it highly resistant to natural weather conditions if installed outside.


Our sanitization units can accommodate approximately 6-8 people per minute. The tent will produce a mist of water mixed with our patented solution CD1G, the primary ingredient of which is chlorine dioxide.


While the decontamination unit is running it will mist at a rate of 1 liter per minute. This is more than enough to thoroughly cover the body of anyone walking through the unit.


The required amount of our patented solution is 1 gram per 100 liters of water. If the unit is to run continuously for 24 hours, it would use 1440 liters of solution or 14.4 grams of CD1G per day.


Solution should not be premixed as CD1G will only remain active for 48 hours.


- 1x3 meter x 2 meter Tent


(Engine powered)
- Powered by a 43CC agricultural gasoline engine.
- 8 commercial-grade misting nozzles
- Flowrate: up to 1 liter/min



(Electric Powered)
- Powered by a 220V, 60Hz, Piston Pump, 1.5 HP
- Electric Motor
- 8 commercial-grade misting nozzles
- Flowrate: Up to 2 liters/min


- 2 x Anti-microbial floor mats


Anti-Microbial Floor Mats are commercial-grade mats that
not only trap dirt and debris but are constructed with ISPS
technology, an anti-microbial/anti-bacterial agent.


- 2 x Lamps
- 20-watt Water-Proof UV Light (UV-C 200-280nm)


Phone: 09178179393

Sanitization Unit CB-19

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Collapsible heavy-duty tents that are made to be transportable. Made of galvanized steel and designed to be easily assembled. Strengthened joints madde of interlocking tubes that enables adjustable height function. Tent material is made of high strength nylon mesh sandwiched in between two layers of low density PVC making it water proof and fire retardent.

    Unit includes
    2 x Anti microbial floor mats
    800rom pump/motor
    Misting system:
    1ltr per minute
    280 kpa pressure
    1.8m spray diameter
    Mist particles equal to or less than 70 microns
    200ltr barrel

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