Our Products and Supplies

We offer a wide range of products and supplies that effectively and safely sanitizes, disinfects and cleans any area without leaving any harmful effects on area and user.



BIOTAB7 is an advanced Biocide that quickly and easily disinfects, sterilizes, and purifies surfaces, water and air.


CD1G Disinfectant

The active ingredient in our patented sanitizing solution CD1G is Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) which is an oxidizing biocide.

Bioguard Disinfectant

is a super oxidized, pH-neutral water based solution. Broad spectrum ready-to-use product for disinfection.

Personal Protective Equipment

We offer PPE for personal and medical use. We have masks, face shields, gloves and PPE gear.



Sterilizer and


We offer hand sanitizer, UVC sterilizing lamp. UV germicidal lamp and thermal scanner.