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Saliva Testing - An alternative to RT-PCR test. It has a high accuracy rate, it is less invasive, and cost-effective hence it is more convenient for the Filipino public. This type of test can be used for local travel as well.


What is an Antigen test?


Antigen tests detect viral proteins called antigens which are present in the COVID-19 virus. The antigens detected are identified only when the virus is actively replicating. How does Saliva Antigens Test work? Sample collection: spit inside a sterilized 1-milliliter vial. What the test tells you: If you are infected now. This is why such tests are best used to identify currently infected people.


Sensitivity: 90%

Specificity: 100%

Saliva-based testing is now available at ISPS! This COVID testing method is considered effective and reliable because its accuracy rate is close to that of RT-PCR, the country’s gold standard.

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For as low as PhP 660

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