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Easy to Use, Convenient & Affordable; ISPS Offers COVID Self-Testing Kits

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Philippines logged its first two cases of the Centaurus subvariant of Omicron this August, which is known as highly transmissible. With rising cases, yet again, in the National Capital Region, keeping our health status in check is first and foremost a priority.

According to independent pandemic mnitor Octa Research Group’s report late in July, weekly cases of COVID-19 in Metro Manila is 25% higher than the average of around 800 per day early in the same month. Even Visayas and Mindanao have an increasing positivity rate from “high” to “very high” as the positivity rate of some of the provinces are now way past the 5% threshold set by the World Health Organization.

Having said that, International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers (ISPS) wants to focus more on convenient testing solutions for our clients by giving them access to affordable healthcare in the form of self-test kits.

The newest addition to our line of test kits is the Labnovation™ COVID-19 antigen self-test kit, which is approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration.

Labnovation™ COVID-19 Antigen Self-Test Kit vs Other Brands

For those who are not in need of much stock of the item or for those who need it for a one-time use only, then this is the perfect test kit for you.

Usually there are about 10, 20, or 25 tests per box in other brands and these are ideal for private companies or medical professionals but for Labnovation, it is available in 1 piece or 5 sets at most

This provides the absolute convenience for customers who are looking for test kits specifically for short-term usage.

If you’re interested in browsing other options, check out our other available self-testing kits below.

In need of PPE, general medical supplies, or medical equipment? Head on to ISPS AllMedsPlus+ for your weekly, monthly, or yearly stock. We offer the best products for the best price and our dedicated service has provided a high level of quality and professionalism, satisfying clients all throughout Quezon City since 2020.

For more inquiries about our antigen test kits, contact us today or visit our website shop for more information:

Phone: 0917 305 8961



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