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Fast and Accurate Result with Triplex International Biosciences Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Even though pandemic protocols are gradually being eased in many parts of the world, it is important to remember that the pandemic is not yet over. There is still a risk of infection if proper precautions are not taken, so it is important to continue following recommended guidelines such as wearing a mask in enclosed spaces and maintaining social distancing. The Department of Health logs 11,995 new cases from October 17-23, 2022. It also confirmed an additional 272 deaths from the disease, including 26 that occurred between October 10 to 23. Currently, there is no end in sight for the pandemic. However, we can take steps to fight it. By working together, we can make a difference.

International Sanitation and Protection Suppliers is your trusted partner in fighting the pandemic. ISPS offers a wide range of products to help keep you and your family safe, including face masks, gloves, sanitizer, and more. We also offer self-testing kits. Today, self-testing is favored by most people because it allows them to test themselves in their own time and at their own pace.

And to make self-testing easier and more convenient, we launched our new product that has high efficiency, high accuracy, and rapid detection: the new Triplex International Biosciences Antigen Rapid Test Kit (NASAL/NASO/ORO).

Our product is suitable for the rapid detection of COVID-19 antigens in human nose and throat swabs, and nasal or saliva swabs. This is intended for screening patients suspected of infection with Covid-19, and as an aid in the diagnosis of the coronavirus disease.

Our kit uses lateral flow tests as the technical platform to achieve its advantages of high accuracy, sensitivity, and rapid detection. In addition, it is a Philippine FDA-registered product.


  • 25 Test Card

  • 25 Sample Extraction Solution

  • 25 Tube & Dripper

  • Manual

If you're interested in browsing other options, check out our other available self-testing kits below. We offer a variety of options for those looking for a reliable and accurate self-testing kit so that you can find the perfect one for your needs:

Looking for PPE, medical supplies, or medical equipment? ISPSAllMedsPlus+ is your one-stop shop. We offer the best products at the best price, and our outstanding service has provided high levels of quality and professionalism, satisfying clients in Quezon City since 2020.

Buy now! For more information about our antigen test kits, please contact us or visit our website. Our kits are reliable and easy to use and can provide accurate results within minutes.

Phone: 0917 305 8961




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