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How ULV Foggers are Used for Disinfection

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

What is a ULV Fogger?

The Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Fogger is a device traditionally used for disinfecting spaces and surrounding air. Fogging machines come in many sizes, those ISPS stock are either a 5 or 10 liter capacity and uses high volumes of air at low pressure to produce aerosol droplets, which are then dispersed along with the fog that the machine emits. 

What other areas can the ULV Fogger be useful in?

  • Food processing plant

  • Home and commercial building

  • Hospital, School, Daycare

  • Pharmaceutical packaging

  • Sanitation

  • Transportation (cruise ship, aeroplane, cargo container)

  • Veterinary clinic

Hot vs Cold Foggers: What’s the difference?

There are two types of foggers: cold and hot/thermal. A cold fogger is “cold” because unlike the hot fogger, it doesn’t use heat to vaporize the fogging solution that turns into fog. Instead, it uses cold spraying methods, which, in most cases, use high amounts of air pressure to spray the fogging liquid out in tiny particles. Cold foggers are the most popular type when it comes to sanitization and disinfection services, in part because traditionally thermal foggers are used with pesticides and other chemicals whose purpose is to eliminate bacteria. This is due to the heat breaking down the chemical structure and not making it suitable for use with Chlorine Dioxide products.

Advantages of using cold foggers:

Convenient - Generally quieter than hot foggers, which is useful in urban areas where noise may be an issue. Cold foggers do not produce any hard-to-clean oily residues and are practically odorless on most occasions. This makes them much more pleasant to use, especially indoors.

Cost-efficient - Cheaper to use since you won’t need to buy additional fuel. ULV foggers also use a low amount of fogging liquid which results in a lower cost of application.

Safe - Low fire risk and virtually no burn risk to operators as cold foggers use electricity or battery power unlike hot foggers which use propane fuel.

How do you use the ULV Cold Fogger?

Inside the casing of a cold fogger is an electric motor and this is the main part of a ULV fogger that sprays the fogger liquid out as small particles. The power of the airflow will depend on the power of the motor. 

When you turn the fogger on, the electric motor will pump the fogging solution out of the tank. It then sprays the liquid out through a special nozzle located in front of the fogger that turns the fogging solution into small particles.

ULV cold foggers are advantageous over hot foggers because it allows you to control the particle size. On standard foggers, you’ll have the option of setting the particle size from 5–50 microns. Higher airflow will produce larger particles while lower airflow will produce smaller particles. This means ULV cold foggers will allow you to efficiently fog in various types of areas, spaces, and locations.

Smaller Particles vs Larger Particles: When do I use each?

Smaller particles are preferred for indoor uses since they stay in the air longer and can reach smaller gaps and holes in the walls and floor as well as the spaces behind furniture and other tight spaces. Smaller particles are better when you want to kill mosquitoes since the most effective droplet size for this is 5–20 microns.

For outdoors, you’ll want to use a larger droplet size of 50 microns or more. Even a small breeze can blow smaller droplets away from the target area with ease. Larger particles, on the other hand, will reach the target area even in slightly windy conditions.

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