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ISPS Solution to Business Disinfection

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

The whole COVID situation brought about a new normal that established new practices and universal precautions like social distancing, wearing of masks, COVID-19 testing, and frequent disinfection of public and private spaces. Day-to-day life and international and national movement slowed down which posed a huge problem to human activities. In effect, various companies in different industries were all greatly affected.

Months in the aftermath of the coronavirus, lockdowns are gradually being lifted in some areas. Employers, business owners, and entrepreneurs are carefully making plans and strategic decisions to allow their businesses to run smoothly and safely in an effort to revive the business traffic that plummeted due to the pandemic’s major blow on the business sector. With the availability of different environmental disinfection methods like misting and bio-fogging, thankfully, many enterprises are now slowly getting back to business.

The International Sanitization and Protection Suppliers (ISPS) is at the forefront of ensuring business operations go on safely and keeping these businesses protected and running. We have done countless disinfection operations on business establishmentsthe Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI), Novotel, and Philamlife Tower to name a few. Some like Syntech Systems Solutions Inc. and Colegio de Sta. Rosa de Lima, Inc. even doubled their protection efforts by availing COVID testing along with regular disinfection schedules.

ISPS’ proven track record of excellent quality services and high-profile clients have cemented the company’s reputation as the leading agency when it comes to health and safety in the Philippines.

ISPS environmental disinfection methods

Misting is a way of sanitizing surfaces by utilizing high-pressure sprayers that are effective at covering any area (small, medium, or large) in short periods of time. While misting is a traditional method for disinfection, fogging is also an ideal sterilization technique that can be used on commercial areas.

Electric bio-fogging is a cleaning treatment done by trained professionals to eliminate hazardous microbial bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that may germinate in areas that are usually unreachable by common measures. It makes use of a ULV fogger machine which creates a mist that safely, quickly, and effectively sanitizes surfaces that conventional cleaning cannot cover.

The fogging process is rapid and efficient. The biocide particles in the mist or fog are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. The biocide also eliminates pathogens on surfaces, including ceilings and walls as well as furniture and floors.

Misting and bio-fogging disinfection process and procedure:

Stage 1: Ocular - ISPS will send either one of our experienced team leaders or a team of two highly-trained professionals to assess and evaluate the location in order to provide individualized recommendations to address the specific needs of the client while meeting occupational safety and industry protocols.

Stage 2: Setup - The ISPS team will be deployed on the requested date, taking into account the results of the ocular visit. This stage is largely based on the location, size of the area, and equipment present on the target location.

Stage 3: Execution - The preferred execution time are periods when the location where the service will be conducted is not operational or is vacated to ensure the safety and security of staff and customers.

Stage 4: Exit - The ISPS team will execute this standard of procedure upon completion of the aforementioned stages.

Stage 5: Report - To guarantee that the requested services were properly executed as agreed upon, a comprehensive report on the completed procedures will be provided, detailing the entire process of disinfection done at the target area. We will also include any recommendations on further actions/steps the client can take in order to maximize safety. This is done within 24 to 72 hours of service completion.

Both environmental disinfection methods provide maximum protection to large and even small and medium-sized corporations in just a short amount of time to help prevent the SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) from spreading. ISPS’ full coverage disinfection and sanitization program are ideal for facilities and establishments looking for a cost-effective COVID-19 solution.

Use of powerful disinfecting solutions

Sanitization is the act or process of making something completely clean and free from bacteria. ISPS takes sanitization to the highest level with the use of our medical-grade disinfectants as sanitizing solutions.

  • Biotab7 is an EPA-registered potent biocide that is proven to kill not just bacteria and germs but also SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

  • The CD1G disinfecting formula used by ISPS gives an effective result because it is less corrosive and kind to the environment.

How often should you disinfect?

High-traffic service-oriented businesses that accommodate large numbers or people daily must disinfect more often to minimize the rapid increase of bacteria, viruses, and germs that may pose serious health risks to anyone. We prioritize cleaning and disinfecting:

  • High-traffic areas: these will often feature doorknobs, security keypads, elevator buttons, etc.

  • High-risk areas: these are areas where germs are easily spread such as handrails and public bathrooms

  • High-safety areas: these refer to food preparation and handling areas.

Having daily, weekly, or monthly disinfection can guarantee promising results when it comes to your business workplace’s protection. This covers any frequently touched items (i.e. drawer handles, fingerprint scanners, stairs railings, computers), open and enclosed surfaces like walls, ceilings, floors, or furniture, and surrounding premises of the building that includes high, low, narrow, or wide spaces.

ISPS is composed of a team of professionals specifically trained in environmental disinfection methods like misting and fogging and can execute these methods of disinfection on a regular basis (e.g. in offices, agencies, establishments, restaurants). We can give the necessary disinfection treatment that your business needs to ensure it is ready and safe to resume operations in the new normal.

We also offer a training course and certification for companies and organizations on how to properly perform misting and bio-fogging at their workplace. We provide user-friendly equipment and ready-to-use disinfectants which can easily be administered by your staff so there’s no need to hire sanitation agencies on a regular basis. This way, you can ensure the safety of your employees and customers in the most cost-efficient manner as you abide by government protocols.

Contact us today or visit our Facebook for more information:

Phone: 0917 305 8961


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